Lesson Planning Components-Instructional Strategies/Processes

Instructional Strategies/Processes

Teaching Strategies Clipart instructional strategiesThe “Instructional Strategies” document published by Alberta’s Education website offers a comprehensive guide on the processes/strategies educators can use within their classrooms to assist them in ensuring they are meeting the learning outcomes for their students.  This document explores the instructional processes, provides rationales on when and why to use each of the processes, and explains how instructors can best implement these processes/strategies within their classroom.

One instructional process that the document suggests incorporating is service learning.  Service learning is a process of setting goals and applying classroom learning concepts to positively affect the community around us.  I plan to implement this strategy in a health administration: community health planning course that I will be teaching starting Jan 2016.  For the term project students will choose a community health topic of their choice, assess the need for that particular service project, and work collaboratively with various members of the community to help promote sustainable change for the health and wellness of our community.

Service learning offers benefits not only the students but to the instructors, school and community as well.  Some benefits that the students experience are setting goals and working through the various steps to achieve them, developing cooperative working and leadership skills, and gaining insight into the value of assisting and caring for other individuals or groups.  Some benefits that both the school and community will experience are an increase in the connectedness between students, schools and their surrounding communities, a greater awareness of the needs and concerns plaguing our community, and an increase in the mobilization of community members in helping to address the key issues.

The “Instructional Strategies” document also provides instructors with sample documents that can be used or amended to suit the needs of a variety of service projects.  I will be incorporating the use of these documents, in the community health service project, in order to help guide my students and to encourage their reflection on the process.

For a complete and detailed guide to the various instructional strategies introduced in this article please refer to the appropriate link within my resources section.


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