Can Critical Thinking Be Taught

One of my PIDP 3250 classmates shared the following video in which a Registered Nurse shares their frank opinion on whether critical thinking is a skill that can be taught. I really enjoyed this video because I was always a firm believer that critical thinking is a skill that can be taught and this … Continue reading Can Critical Thinking Be Taught


Ground Rules For Discussions

Should instructors have ground rules for discussions, either in the classroom or in an online discussion forum?  The majority of my classmates, and myself, believe that yes ground rules are an important part of group discussions.  Not only do we agree that they are important, the number one ground rule we all agreed upon was … Continue reading Ground Rules For Discussions

My Reaction to “Medical Realties Live 360”

Before reading this post I encourage you to check out this link to a short video clip on YouTube entitled "Medical Realities Live 360" ***Please not that this is footage of a live laparoscopic bowel resection*** Throughout my career as an operating room nurse I have worked in a variety of facilities from small … Continue reading My Reaction to “Medical Realties Live 360”