Making Mistakes

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One topic that my fellow classmates and I have been exploring in our forum discussions for PIDP 3250 is that of “making mistakes”.  This has been an interesting forum discussion because unlike the majority of our discussion forums, this one started off on more of a lighter note with the facilitator of the forum telling us a story about when she was a teenager and being left alone at home for the weekend.  I’m sure everyone knows where this story is going as I’m sure most teenagers at one point or another had that party when they were “home alone” for the weekend.  I don’t often find myself literally laughing out loud at something being discussed in the forum but I did while reading this facilitators post because she brought a lot of humor into the story and it was so relatable because her story was very similar to one I had experienced as the “party thrower”.  My mood then drastically switched as I was overcome with feelings of guilt when reflecting back on my own experience that I have still not fessed up about to my own parents.

Although this forum started off on a lighter note and discussing any instance of making mistakes, true to the instructor inside of all of us, the conversation quickly was steered in the direction of discussing making mistakes as an educator.  It was evident that all of my classmates, and myself, agree that making mistakes is a natural human process and even us as the “experts” make mistakes.  The majority of my classmates feel that is best to own up to ones mistakes, even in the classroom setting.  Some opinions on why we as instructors should own up to our mistakes are that it humanizes us to our students, it shows students that even instructors make mistakes and that is ok, it also shows honesty and transparency.

I am a firm believer that it is best to own up to ones mistakes because making mistakes is something that everyone does.  By owning up to our mistakes we are recognizing our error and accepting responsibility for it, this is one of the first phases of reflective practice.  It is important that we as educators don’t stop there.  Once we recognize our mistakes and own up to them, we then need to formulate plans on how we will change things in the future.

The key message that was shared in this discussion forum was that everyone makes mistakes but it is not the mistakes that matter the most, it is what you do with those mistakes that is important.  As a nurse manager and educator it is crucial that I learn from the mistakes that I make and change my practice going forward.  This allows me to grow and become better at my jobs.  Not only does it facilitate professional growth and strengthen relationships, but it also speaks to my human character.

Yes, those feelings of guilt are starting to creep back in; I think I have a phone call to make to my parents so I can remove this from my conscience once and for all.  On that note I will leave you to ponder this…………..what will you do the next time you make a mistake?


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