My Reaction to “Medical Realties Live 360”

Before reading this post I encourage you to check out this link to a short video clip on YouTube entitled “Medical Realities Live 360”

***Please not that this is footage of a live laparoscopic bowel resection***

Throughout my career as an operating room nurse I have worked in a variety of facilities from small rural hospitals to large tertiary care centers.  These facilities have varied in age from over 100 years old to being brand new state of the art facilities, like the one featured in the video.  The difference in the technological capabilities of these OR theatre rooms is incredible and the advances that technology has offered for surgery has increased the patient care capacities ten fold.

Even though I live in a small rural community, we were fortunate enough to have a state of the art brand new facility built here just under 5 years ago.  Our OR theatres, like the one in the video, have four ceiling/wall mounted screens which allow every personnel in the theatre to have a clear view of the surgery.  These ceiling/wall mounted screens are extremely space saving and are fantastic for teaching; this is an extremely important aspect to us as we are a teaching facility for both nurses and physicians.

These state of the art OR theatres also offer many other technological advances that are extremely important to being able to provide the best patient care a hospital can offer.  One of the most important technological advances our theatres offer is video conferencing capabilities; the OR theatre feature in the video clip also offers these.  These capabilities were installed so that if we had a major trauma come through our doors, and we did not have time to ship the patient to a larger facility, our surgeons could conference with a specialist in a larger center and that specialist would be able to walk our general surgeon through the surgery.  The ability to provide the specialized patient care that these video conference capabilities provide to us is a monumental advance in the field of medicine.

As new technologies continue to be developed on a daily basis I believe it is only a matter of time before we eventually have artificial intelligence, ie. some form of robots, assisting in surgery.  As my career progresses I am excited for the endless possibilities that technology will be able to offer in the field of surgery.

I would love to hear from you on what your thoughts are on the above video clip or have you share your experience of how technology has affected your field of work.




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