My Reaction To…..Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom is a digital project that was created by Joyce Shepherd, one of my PIDP 3250 classmates.  Please take the time to view this video as it gives you a solid foundation for using this teaching technique in your own classroom.

What drew me to watching this video in the first place was the fact that I love to incorporate this strategy in my own classroom and was curious to know if there were any additional strategies discussed that I could potentially use.  Although this video did not provide specific learning activities that you could use to incorporate this teaching strategy in your own classroom, it did provide a great overview of the strategy.  Joyce incorporated information on how you would use this technique, what the strengths and weaknesses of this technique are and important points that an instructor needs to consider before implementing this strategy.

From my own experience with using this technique, their are important activities that you need to incorporate in order for this technique to be successful.  As Joyce described in the video, it is important to plan for reflective activities for the students to engage in after they watch the homework videos.  This will encourage the students to engage in metacognition through critical reflection, and will help to solidify the new knowledge for the students.

As discussed in the video, another very important activity that the instructors need to plan for is assessing the students comprehension of the material prior to having the students participate in the active learning activities for the day.  If the students don’t have a good comprehension of the material they learned on their own at home then it will really impede their ability to effectively engage in any activities you have planned.

Overall I thought Joyce did a great job of presenting the flipped classroom technique in an informative and engaging way.  Enough information was provided so that an instructor that had never used this technique could understand the benefits and have the information they needed to start incorporating this teaching strategy in their own classrooms.


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