Constructive Criticism Sandwich

Image result for praise and feedback hamburger method

One topic we have been discussing in PIDP 3250 is that of giving feedback and praise.  Above is a great visual of the feedback technique called the “Constructive Criticism Sandwich” and it shows you how to incorporate this technique when you are providing feedback.  This is a very versatile technique that can be used in a wide range of settings from an educational institute to the workplace to even using it with your children at home.

I personally have used the above technique for years and find that it has been a much more effective technique than that of just providing constructive criticism on it’s own.  By starting with positive reinforcement of something your student/employee/child are doing well it breaks the ice and makes them more receptive to receiving feedback.

My fellow classmates’ opinions differ on how often praise should be given but we all agree that when praise is given it needs to be genuine.  Some of my classmates feel that praise should be given fairly frequently as they find it helps to motivate their students, where as other classmates feel that praise should be given sparsely and reserved for times when a student really goes above and beyond your expectations.

A good point was brought up that before you give praise to your students, or anyone for that matter, you need to first assess any cultural sensitivities, what method you will use to provide the praise (ie. a nod, smile, written or verbal), and whether or not you will give this praise publicly or in private.

Overall everyone felt that both feedback and praise are important aspects of the teaching process but need to be used appropriately.


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