Intellectual Standards

*Please view the above video clip to provide background information on what intellectual standards are.

Intellectual standards play an important roll in education as well as in everyday life. The intellectual standards are a way to assess the quality of our thinking.  By applying these standards to our thinking process we are ensuring that our thinking is developed to it’s highest potential.

The more people that adopt the use of the intellectual standards then the more developed our world can become.  Using these standards holds people accountable to the information the are sharing and may be able to decrease the amount of false information that is constantly being added to the internet or even broadcasted on the news.

The following table is an example of the 9 intellectual standards and provides prompting questions that you can ask of yourself or others to ensure that these standards are being upheld. By adding these standards in your assignment rubric you are providing students with clear cut directions on exactly what is expected out of them.  When you provide that clarity to students you are likely to see an improvement in the quality of work you are receiving.

By incorporating the use of the intellectual standards within your thought process you are doing your part to ensure that only the best and most complete information is being shared.




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