My Reaction To….Teaching With Jeopardy

I taught with Jeopardy

The above digital project was created by a fellow classmate, Todd Turton, for PIDP 3250.  This digital project focuses on the student engagement technique “Team Jeopardy”.  This technique can be used as an icebreaker activity or in order to increase interactions within a set group.

I have used the “Team Jeopardy” technique within my own classroom before and found it to be a great success.  I recommend using this technique early in a course to solidify basic concepts in which students will use as a foundation to build upon; as Todd explains in the video “this technique is not for major learning”.  In my experience I would say that this is the best student engagement technique I have ever used.  Where I once had a very quiet class that would rarely answer a question without individual prompting, I now had a very lively class who could barely remain in their seats and were talking amongst one another to collaborate on their answer.  This technique utilizes collaboration through small group discussions and helps to develop critical thinking skills.  Every time I have used this technique in my classroom I have received a ton of positive feedback and it is often voted the best activity of the semester.

Although Todd states in the video that you could create your own jeopardy game using powerpoint, overhead projector, or even writing it on the blackboard, I have personally created my games through JeopardyLabs.  This is a free online platform that already has the Jeopardy game template so all you have to do is type in your questions and answers; in my opinion a huge timesaver when doing prep work.

Some important points to remember when utilizing this technique are making sure your students all understand the rules, decide how students will buzz in with their answers, decide on whether or not teams will be penalized if they shout out the answer without buzzing in, determine a specific amount of time the teams will have to answer the question after they have buzzed in and how will you time it, ensue you have the appropriate audio visual tools within your class (if applicable), and decide on what the “prize” will be for the winning team.

I encourage you all to go out and try this technique within your classroom as I have had nothing but positive experiences using it and my students all seem to love it.


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