My Reaction to…Listen to Learn

listen to learn

My classmate, David Visentin, created the following digital project on the teaching strategy “Listen to Learn”.  Listen to learn is a technique used by instructors that can be used to introduce rich controversial topics and teach students to go beyond just listening and to really focus on the subject while reflecting on it objectively.

David shared the following steps that need to be followed in order to successfully implement this strategy.

-first take the time to listen to the piece yourself and note the objective characteristics of it

-discuss the process with the students so that they have a clear understanding of the expectations

-decide what the class will listen to

-have the students quietly listen to the selection on their own and note down their objective observations, ensure that they are not sharing their feelings on the piece

-have the students form small groups of 2-3 students and have each student share their objective observations

-form larger groups of 4-6 students and again have them share their observations

-then lead this into a full class discussion

-wrap up your class discussion by having the students discuss the meaning of what they’ve listened to

I have personally used this technique in my own classroom and found it to be quite useful.  It is a good way to teach your students to learn to look at things objectively while leaving all feelings aside.  It encourages critical reflection of the material and teaches them to look for the meaning behind what is introduced.  This strategy also encourages active learning by each of the students and ensures they are contributing to each others learning.  This is a great technique that can be used to increase the learning community within your class.  If you have never used this technique before I encourage you to consider implementing it in the future.


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