Growth Mindset: Let Your Dreams Be Your Limit

A fixed mindset can be very limiting to an individual and does not encourage life-long learning.  As the above image depicts, individuals with a fixed mindset believe that they only have so much potential and that they are born with a certain level of intelligence.  They do not stretch their limits and aim to challenge … Continue reading Growth Mindset: Let Your Dreams Be Your Limit


Service Learning to Enhance Student Engagement

Service learning is a process of setting goals and applying classroom learning concepts to positively affect the community around us.  I use service learning to help motivate students and enhance student engagement.  Utilizing service learning helps promote self-directed and self-regulated learning and produces a sense of accomplishment by the students.  I use service learning as a term project where students will choose … Continue reading Service Learning to Enhance Student Engagement

Classroom Management

Classroom management is teaching strategy/process used to ensure appropriate classroom behaviour is being displayed and that consistent approaches are taken to managing disruptive behaviours.  Sufficient and consistent classroom management is one of the most important aspects of ensuring your classroom will be a respectful and safe place for all students to learn within.  Setting out classroom expectations from … Continue reading Classroom Management

Lesson Planning Components-Instructional Strategies/Processes

Instructional Strategies/Processes The “Instructional Strategies” document published by Alberta’s Education website offers a comprehensive guide on the processes/strategies educators can use within their classrooms to assist them in ensuring they are meeting the learning outcomes for their students.  This document explores the instructional processes, provides rationales on when and why to use each of the … Continue reading Lesson Planning Components-Instructional Strategies/Processes