Lesson Planning Components-Assessment/Feedback

Assessment/Feedback While assessment tools can be beneficial to educators in gauging student learning, it is the strategies that we adopt for providing feedback that have a lasting effect and transform student learning.  Think back to a time when you received feedback from an instructor, was the experience a positive or negative one and how did it affect your attitude towards the … Continue reading Lesson Planning Components-Assessment/Feedback


Lesson Planning Components-Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Creating a Positive Learning Environment Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment in your classroom is one of the key components to ensuring the success of your adult learners.  So how do we go about creating this environment?  According to James Ballou (2011)  there are some basic guidelines that adult educators should incorporate into their classroom … Continue reading Lesson Planning Components-Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Lesson Planning Components-Instructional Strategies/Processes

Instructional Strategies/Processes The “Instructional Strategies” document published by Alberta’s Education website offers a comprehensive guide on the processes/strategies educators can use within their classrooms to assist them in ensuring they are meeting the learning outcomes for their students.  This document explores the instructional processes, provides rationales on when and why to use each of the … Continue reading Lesson Planning Components-Instructional Strategies/Processes

Lesson Planning Components

Characteristics of Adult Learners As stated by Pappas (2013) in his article "8 Important Characteristics of Adult Learners", “adults are characterized by maturity, self-confidence, autonomy, solid decision-making, and are generally more practical, multi-tasking, purposeful, self-directed, experienced, and less open-minded and receptive to change.”   Pappas explores eight adult learner traits that educators need to be cognizant … Continue reading Lesson Planning Components