Learning to Learn

Learning to learn is a process of discovery and is an important element in becoming an effective self-directed lifelong learner. Every individual has their own unique way of learning which means that each individual needs to be self-directed in figuring out what works best for them. Different strategies may need to be utilized depending on … Continue reading Learning to Learn


Self-Directed Learning: Midway Self-Assessment

Self-directed learning is an essential part of being an adult learner and is a necessary element for those committed to the process of lifelong learning.  Another necessary component of being a self-directed lifelong learner is that of self-assessment.  By engaging in self assessment a learner is able to  evaluate the effectiveness of their learning and strategize … Continue reading Self-Directed Learning: Midway Self-Assessment

My Reaction To….Teaching With Jeopardy

I taught with Jeopardy http://disq.us/t/2ktd00k The above digital project was created by a fellow classmate, Todd Turton, for PIDP 3250.  This digital project focuses on the student engagement technique "Team Jeopardy".  This technique can be used as an icebreaker activity or in order to increase interactions within a set group. I have used the "Team Jeopardy" … Continue reading My Reaction To….Teaching With Jeopardy